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BRIC4 – eine DistoX-Alternative?

Seit ein paar Tagen ist das BRIC4 Survey Tool verfügbar. Die technischen Daten sehen schon mal viel versprechend aus. Die ersten Android-Apps unterstützen es auch schon. Leider ist das Gerät gleich mal doppelt so teuer wie ein DistoX.


  • High precision and accuracy
    • Azimuth:  <0.10° precision, <0.20° accuracy
    • Inclination:  <0.08° precision, <0.15° accuracy
    • Distance:  1 mm precision, 3mm accuracy
  • Redundant accelerometers and magnetometers to detect calibration drift, malfunctions, and magnetic gradients that could affect measurement accuracy.
    • 2x Murata SCA3300-D01 MEMS industrial accelerometers
    • 2x PNI RM3100 magneto-inductive magnetometers
    • Advanced error-detection prevents bad measurements.
  • Egismos LDK-M2 Laser Rangefinder, 100m (328 ft) range
  • Waterproof and shockproof ruggedized construction.
    • IP-67 rating, conformal-coated PCBs, waterproof buttons
    • Rubber mounted sensor assembly.
    • Screen protector on case window.
  • Bluetooth LE for instrument control and measurement transfer
    • Compatible with TopoDroid, CaveSurvey, and soon SexyTopo
    • Note:  Requires Bluetooth Low Energy capable hardware on client, Bluetooth 4.0 or greater.
  • Easy, quick, and robust integrated calibration on device; no external hardware required.
    • 15 minutes for full calibration. 
    • 3 minutes for quick azimuth calibration
    • Calibration report auto-generation
  • 1800 mAH lithium-polymer non-magnetic battery
    • USB mini charging
    • Estimated 100 hours of normal use (100 shots/hour)
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface:
    • Large 128×64 backlit display.
    • Displays last 5 shots, battery level, temperature, time, and Bluetooth status
    • 1 external button for regular operation, Left/Right-handed accessible.
    • 4 internal soft-keys for settings, calibration, and other functions.
    • Piezo-buzzer for audio feedback.
  • 8GB industrial SD card for measurement storage and calibration reports, accessible through USB.

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